Friday, December 23, 2011

Trend Alert: Socks + Sandals!:*.:*.

Socks and sandals style…
once a fashion faux-pas; now a fashion trend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:*.

En Vogue:Socks and Sandals!:*.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

''Girls of the 60's''!:*.

 I think the 60s were a decade of sexual freedom for woman, so it showed in the style and sexiness of that time. I love the seductiveness of the woman and the sense of enjoyment and fun they give off.

Innocence and real, drugs, and rock and roll!

En Vogue:Style is everything!:*.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vintage Gem!:*.

I love vintage fashion and the iconic women of the fashion world. I love everything vintage because of the way it looks.I cannot get enough of vintage fashion because I'm just about the biggest girly-girly you'll ever meet. While I'm grateful that women today have the freedom to dress however they wish, personally, I strive to always dress very femininely, because I feel that reflects who I am the best.I am truly obsessed with vintage fashion. It’s a perfect way to remain an individual while recycling some of times most amazing garments.

Vintage clothing is a reminder to those who have a deep appreciation of a specific period of the past, or the roles of previous generations. Many fans collect the classic works designed by their most favorite designers in history. Vintage clothing conveys a rich source of information of its time, with an enormously wide range of imaginative styles. Some people even collect vintage clothing as an investment. Their targets are mainly vintage clothing designed by famous designers.

I love vintage clothes because each piece has a bit of history associated with it. !:*

En Vogue:Vintage clothing a Perfect choice for fashionistas!:*.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dita Von Teese !:*♥.

Love the clothes, just wish I could afford them and then have somewhere to go in them! These clothes are made properly, how clothes used to be made! Not like todays throwaway fashion. Clothes that fit a body properly and make it look good. Dita is pure class you wont see her doing her groceries in Ugg slippers and swearpants!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Мода глазами Грег Кейдела♥!:*.:*.

Грег Кейдел (Greg Kadel) – популярный фэшн-фотограф из Нью-Йорка. Его фотографии были охарактеризованы критиками, как «классика в современном стиле». Он достиг уважения за его уникальное умение преподнести в фотографии все самое лучшее из возможного.

Его работы можно увидеть в таких изданиях, как Vogue, Numero, Harper's Bazaar, Another Magazine, W, GQ, Allure, V и др.

Среди его клиентов, такие знаменитости, как Britney Spears, Casey Affleck, Stella McCartney, Ioan Gruffud, Claire Danes, Ben Chaplin, Maurizio Cattelan, Kiera Chaplin, Hedi Slimane и Megan Fox