Monday, September 29, 2014

en Vogue:Movies!:):*.

This is a list of 28 great movies every women should watch (in my opinion):

1.''Breakfast at Tiffany's''.

2.''Annie Hall''.

3.''Paris a tout prix''.

4.''The other woman''.

5.''The diary of Anne Frank''.

6.''Funny girl''.

7.''Girls just want to have fun''.

8.''Almost famous''.

9.''Brief encounter''.

10.''The one and only''.

11.''La vie en rose''.

12.''Dirty dancing''.

13.''Prrety in pink''.

14.''The red shoes''.

15.''Life is beautiful''.


17.''Lovely and Amazing''.

18.''In her shoes''.

19.''Wina Date with Tad Hamilton''.


21.''The good girl''.

22.''Hors de prix''.

23.''Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day''.

24.''The lucky one''.


26.'' Love comes softly''.


28. The Bridges of Madison County''.

en Vogue:

Girls Just Want to H
The films below all share great female characters, wonderful stories, and exceptional scripts. If there are any I have missed off this list (and I know there are many!), please let me know….!:):*.

ave Fun

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Annie Hall

Annie Hal
Annie Hall


Annie Hall

Annie Hall