Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vintage Gem!:*.

I love vintage fashion and the iconic women of the fashion world. I love everything vintage because of the way it looks.I cannot get enough of vintage fashion because I'm just about the biggest girly-girly you'll ever meet. While I'm grateful that women today have the freedom to dress however they wish, personally, I strive to always dress very femininely, because I feel that reflects who I am the best.I am truly obsessed with vintage fashion. It’s a perfect way to remain an individual while recycling some of times most amazing garments.

Vintage clothing is a reminder to those who have a deep appreciation of a specific period of the past, or the roles of previous generations. Many fans collect the classic works designed by their most favorite designers in history. Vintage clothing conveys a rich source of information of its time, with an enormously wide range of imaginative styles. Some people even collect vintage clothing as an investment. Their targets are mainly vintage clothing designed by famous designers.

I love vintage clothes because each piece has a bit of history associated with it. !:*

En Vogue:Vintage clothing a Perfect choice for fashionistas!:*.